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I was not a fan of Anjuna, i felt it had been completely ruined and i can only describe it as being a bit of a dump. If you like trance parties then you will love it here but if that's all you're interested in, you may as well save some time and money and head to Magaluf.

Clothing: Bikinis, bare legs/arms acceptable

Shopping: Many stalls selling usual tourist items. Don't forget to visit the Anjunua Flea Market held every Wednesday.

Local women walking to Anjuna Market

We stayed on the North side of the beach in a guest house next to a place called 'Sonic'. The owner was very friendly and welcoming but the room was quite dingy and for 500Rs per night, over-priced.

Be prepared to get a lot of hassle here, you will be approached by almost everyone and hassled to buy something from them, this ranges from drugs to fruit. I found the best way to avoid getting dragged into an un-necessary conversation is to ignore people, which is hard at first because i always felt guilty but it gets easier.

As we were only here for one night we didn't get time to stay on the beach, in fact you wouldn't want to. We walked to the other side of the beach to get some food and came across what looked like quite a nice restaurant called 'Elephant Art Cafe'. We checked out the menu and although higher in price we all decided to treat ourselves as it was our last night with Bart and Rosie.

This was the view from just outside of our room

We had excellent service here, the best we have had in a restaurant so far, everything was so relaxed and the restaurant had been finished to a high but simple standard, with chilled out music played throughout.
I apprehensively ordered a fillet steak for 300Rs, i hadn't eaten red meat in almost a month and had really started to crave it. Bart even checked out the steak before hand to confirm that it was in fact fillet, although I needn't have worried, the steak was amazing and served with a delicious port wine sauce and saute potatoes.

Tip: Try the refreshing and well made Mojhitos for 100Rs

Rosie, Bart, Ian & I at 'Elephant Art Cafe'

Afterwards we checked out some of the noisier places, one being 'Curlies' and the other was located next door, although i have no idea of the name. I watched from the top of the bar as hundreds of people danced on the beach and in the sea to music that i couldn't get into. 

The bar we went to next to Curlies tried charging extra money for the beer we ordered as they claimed it was to do with the place being a party night, even though on their menus the prices were fixed with no mention of this. We found this very misleading, refused to pay the extra money and walked out.

The following morning we had breakfast near to where we stayed at a place called 'Om Made Cafe'.It was only a small cafe, decorated with a Portuguese theme and gave you a good view of the beach. Again the food and drinks were far more higher in price than usual but the food was excellent and we had great service.

A cute church that we passed on the way to the market

After breakfast we made our way to the infamous Anjuna Flea Market. The walk was about 30 minutes from where we stayed and we were all boiling hot and dripping with sweat by the time we arrived. I didn't buy anything here as i was quite overwhelmed by the thousands of stalls selling almost identical items to the next one, but it is definitely worth visiting.

Locals at Anjuna Market

Later that day we said our goodbyes to Bart and Rosie (they were heading to Northern India) and had to get a cab as there were no rickshaws, from Anjuna to Vagator for 100Rs.

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