Monday, 2 January 2012

Tiger Temple

I was completely against visiting here but all the boys wanted to go, so i joined them for the ride and decided that i would check it out first before making any decisions. After seeing various tourists 'posing' with a large tiger, that was so drugged it could barely move, i decided against parting with my 420B entrance fee.

However, me being me and not wanting to miss out, i noticed that there was a slightly more expensive package for 620B that enabled you to see the baby tigers. I thought that as these were so young, they hopefully wouldn't need to be drugged. Josh also agreed that the smaller tigers seemed 'normal' and decided against the large tiger viewing in favour for the baby tigers with me.

The boys with the tiger they visited

We were asked to wash our hands and change into flip flops that were provided for us by the staff because the baby tigers had much weaker immune systems and therefore more susceptible to infections/illness.

The baby tigers that we met were amazing and they were happily playing around with each other and did not appear to be drugged. The short 10 minute experience was something that i shall never forget but I still feel that it is unethical and at the end of the day tigers should always be in their natural habitat.

 Josh and I with the baby tigers

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