Wednesday, 4 January 2012


32,000Dong to the £1

$1.55 to the £1

Vietnam like to use USD so some of the currency will be a mixture of USD and Dong

Hundreds of shops selling cheap tack to knock off goods and tailored clothing of your choice.

In December you will need warmer clothes as it can get quite cold. I would go as far as saying that you should take a coat.

We found a place to stay called the 'Violet Hotel' located in the 'Old Quarter' of Hanoi for 300,000d per night between the two of us, however we did have to barter to get this price. Our bed had clean sheets on but the room needed a good clean and a dust . Jason, Aaron, Luke and Josh also stayed in the same hotel. Their room worked out slightly cheaper between the four of them and it was a lot larger than ours, with a huge flat screen TV on the wall!

The following day we went in search of cheaper accommodation and found somewhere called 'Elizabeth Hotel', located a short walk from Violet Hotel, for $6 each a night for a double room. Our room was to the same standard as Violet but much cleaner and it included free breakfast which made it even more of a bargain.

The room at the Elizabeth Hotel in Hanoi

After recovering from our mammoth journey from Laos, we all explored the 'Old Qaurter' whilst on foot, enjoying the maze of streets and intriguing architecture of the narrow buildings. We ate at a really good restaurant called 'Little Hanoi' but generally found the food here to be quite expensive, even the food stalls
on the street.

Street food being prepared

Grave stones being engraved, all include photographs of the deceased

One of the super slim buildings in Hanoi

We spent Christmas Eve in Hanoi and our hotel put on a party for the guests. All the staff joined in and we had complimentary nibbles and drinks laid out for us. The staff were so welcoming and everyone was in great spirits, all in all it was a fantastic night and we all really appreciated it.

Below are a couple of photos from the evening.

The lady next to Josh was hilarious, we nicknamed her cheesemouse, she's a legend!

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