Thursday, 2 February 2012

Serendipity, Sihanoukville

We couldn't find any accommodation, as by the time we had arrived here it was 11am and most places were fully booked because of Tet. After walking around for what felt like ages we eventually found somewhere called 'Holiday (Ocheteal) Hotel'. We booked a twin room that had AC, including breakfast for $15. Jason, Luke, Aaron and Josh also stayed here and paid $20 between them, also managing to secure breakfast the following morning for all four of them.

The room was spacious with two single beds (no doubles were available) and a bathroom with a bath. The shower wasn't great and the room smelt musty but it was fine for $15 with breakfast.

This hotel is in the middle of being rebuilt/re-furbished and so i can only presume that the rooms we stayed in won't be around much longer as i'm sure they will be updated and the prices hiked up.

The following morning, after a great breakfast at the hotel, Ian, Jason and I went in search of some cheaper accomodation. We asked one of the workers at the hotel where the best beaches were and he recommended 'Otres Beach'. We decided to try and find accommodation there first and if we couldn't then we would head back to Serendipity. We negotiated 3 motorbike drivers for a lift to Otres Beach for $1 each, the journey took roughly 10-15 minutes.

Once we had secured accomodation on Otres, out of curiosity i ended up going back Serendipity to see the beach but after 5 seconds of being there i knew we had made the best decision by leaving in favour of Otres.

Serendipity Beach is packed with bars, sunbeds and umbrellas. There are certainly no quiet spots here, although if you're after some nightlife then i'm sure this would be just the place.

Serendipity Beach

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