Saturday, 31 December 2011

Train journey from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

We got a cab from Koh San Road to Hualampong train station for 53B. The train station was very impressive and clean, with plenty of food outlets, flower displays and the staff were extremely helpful, two even approached us and pointed us in the right direction before we even had to ask. The UK could definitely learn a thing or two from here!

The train carriage was well maintained and kept clean inside and out. Our reservation had a bunk bed design with the same pattern repeated opposite us. There was a compartment to the side of the top bunks for luggage, an extra roll mat for sleeping, a pillow, two plug sockets, and curtains around each bunk for privacy, I have to say i was more than impressed. The toilet was squat down style, with toilet roll provided and a sink with soap. It smelt of urine slightly but kept as clean as the trains back in the UK. We later had our bed made for us with fresh (yes, a guy came and made up our bed!), clean bedsheets, a pillowcase and blanket. I was once again more than impressed with the service provided.

After a good nights sleep we arrived at Chiang Mai train station roughly an hour late than originally scheduled. We made our way to the exit and to our surprise there was a man holding up a sign with both our names written on it. Surprised by this we acknowledged him and he explained that because our friends had reserved us a room, the guest house would arrange for a pick up from the train station. Our journey to Chiang Mai had really got off to a great start!

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