Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bus journey from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Sihanoukville (Cambodia)

We booked a bus for $16 each from Saigon to Sihanoukville and were told that the journey would take 12hrs. We had to be at the ticket office for 08:00am and we departed at 08:30am. The bus was upright seating, had air con (although not that great) and a toilet on board.

Don't forget to take snacks and water!

We arrived at the border crossing after a few hours and i have to say this was the smoothest and quickest border crossing that we had done so far. We each paid $25 for a visa into Cambodia, although Ian and I got fined $5 each as our visas had expired the day before and we both hadn't realised.

We had a stop off for some food a few hours later and arrived in Phnom Penh at 4:30pm. We then had to get a tuk tuk (free of charge) only a couple of minutes around the corner to a different bus stop.

The next bus we boarded was to the same standard as the previous bus and we departed at 4:45pm. There were a couple of films being played whilst we were travelling so that broke up some of the journey time and we eventually arrived at the bus station in Sihanoukville at 10:30pm, all in all it took 14hrs.

From the bus stop there were many tuk tuk/motorbike drivers all asking us if we wanted a lift to a beach side destination. We decided to head to Serendipity because it was quite late and we had read that it was more touristy and so we thought it would be easier to find accommodation here.

At first the tuk tuk drivers tried to charge us $2 each. We haggled this price down to $1 each by walking away and saying we would find someone cheaper.


  1. Hey there greetings,

    Could you let me know what kind of bus did you take from HCMC to Sihanoukville? I tried to search for the bus company but still not getting any answer. Hope you could help me out on this. Too much negative reviews about bus companies in Pham Ngu Lao so I don't want to be one of them. Thank you.

  2. where is the place you can book tickets?

  3. Hi guys, I'm sure this reply is probably too late now, sorry about that, i've only just seen these comments today.

    There are loads of tour operators in HCMC offering these coach services to Cambodia. I cannot remember which company we used we just went with the one offering the best price. I'm really sorry i can't be more specific :)