Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Clothing: Bikinis, bare legs/arms acceptable.

Shopping: A few stalls selling usual tourist items.

We stayed at a place called 'Royal Star' located closer to Big Vagator beach but slightly inland. Ian bartered a fan room from 600Rs to 500Rs per night and we decided to spend our last few days there. The room was huge, had fresh white sheets, was spotlessly clean and even had a hot shower. The shower was in fact the best shower we have had since being in India.

Our plan had been to go to Madrem beach on the scooter for our first full day here but Ian had a Delhi belly and so we spent a lot of our time in the room, whilst he recovered.

The following day we ventured out on a scooter and eventually found Ashvem and Mandrem beach. We decided to spend the day on Mandrem, which was roughly 1 mile long and gave us the opportunity to find a more secluded spot due to it not being over-run with people. The ride to Mandrem was really nice, you think you've seen everything in India, then suddenly you get surprised again with something strange and different.

 Photos of Mandrem beach

On our final day we visited Small Vagator and Big Vagator beach. Small Vagator had many sun loungers with a few bars/restaurants. Big Vagator had one bar/restaurant located at the beginning of the beach and not one sun lounger in sight. I preferred this beach because it seemed less touristy, however after Ian left me alone for a couple of hours i soon got unwanted attention from the locals. They are pretty harmless but even though the beach was spacious, a couple of lads decided to sit almost on top of me. I decided to move but then they got up and  followed me, once again sitting too close to comfort and then asking me if they could have some of my water! I also had cheeky locals taking photos of me in a not so discreet kind of way.

Vagator wasn't as nice as i had been led to believe. I asked a few people about the best places to visit in India and had been recommended Vagator for its 'fantastic' beaches but we were left disappointed with what those and found the southern beaches to be nicer.

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