Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bus journey from Hoi An to Mui Ne via Nah Trang

We booked our bus to Mui Ne through Camel Tours using our open bus tickets. We were told to arrive at the tour office for 5:15pm as we would be leaving at 5:30pm. The bus didn't depart until 6:30pm!

Once on board we found the bus to be quite worn and grimy, with most of the seats having huge holes in them that they had tried to cover up using thin bits of foam mattress.

The bus driver also drove really badly. He braked hard constantly throughout the whole journey, meaning that i hardly slept due to the sudden jerks that seemed a lot worse because the bus was so old and rattled about like a tin can. The other annoyance was the horn that the driver insisted on sounding every few seconds!

We arrived in Nah Trang at 7:00am and then went to another Camel Tour operator just around the corner from where we were dropped off. We were told that the bus would depart at 08:00am when in fact we didn't leave until 9am!

We then boarded the bus only to find that it was the same bus we had been travelling in from Hoi An. I'm not sure where it had been for the past few hours as Nah Trang was where it terminated!

The bus journey from Nah Trang to Mui Ne was a little smoother (probably thanks to the bus drivers changing) and we arrived in Mui Ne at 2:00pm.

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