Tuesday, 13 December 2011


A bustling city, filled with markets slotted in almost every winding back street

Cover up when out

Spices, mostly cheap/tacky items, random household items and Indian clothing

I wanted to leave Kochi that evening but Ian wanted to freshen up and get some rest first. We went to 'Bijus Tourist Home' following advice from the LP. The cool air con in the clean reception area made us want to stay but the room prices had gone up a little, 750Rs for a fan room.

Instead of immediately booking a room we decided to see if we could book the train online first. Someone advised us to use a website called 'Clear Trip' but this got confusing because when we went to book a ticket it would say, '30 waiting' and these figures would often change. I later found out that it meant that your seats were not guaranteed as the train was fully booked but should a cancellation occur then you may get offered a reserved seat.

We then headed to the train station to try and book a train from there to leave for that evening or the following day. Unfortunately it was fully booked and the next availability was for the day after tomorrow, which seemed liked ages away. Reluctantly we made our way back to 'Bijus Tourist Home' and had to book a room for the next 2 nights. Our room was ok, but it was really stuffy and smelt damp. I didn't like opening the windows because outside it stank of curry (not nice at 5am) and it was really noisy until quite late at night.

We struggled to find anything to do in Ernakulam as everything offered to us we had already done whilst in Fort Kochi. It did feel like we wasted a couple of days here but it gave us a chance to research Goa and for me to catch up on my travel diary.

A fed up looking Ian

Visit 'The Oven' and try their perfectly made, delicious cakes and other sweet treats.

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