Friday, 6 January 2012


After looking at a few guest houses we eventually found one called 'Dong Tam, Impression Hotel' and bartered a room from $8 a night for a double to $6. The four guys shared a room for $10 a night between them. The room was spacious with a clean sheet, although the first blanket we had was quite dirty so we asked if it could be changed. The hotel had free wifi and even an outdoor swimming pool, but it was far too cold to use it during January.

Our room

After enquiring about train tickets to Dong Ha to visit the DMZ we had a look around the Dong Ba Market. We wandered around eyeing up all the tasty and neatly arranged fruit. After having some food we headed back to the hotel for an early night.

Dong Ba Market

We didn't see much more of Hue as during the second day we went it on a tour of the DMZ. The weather was also pretty bad with lots of drizzle and we wanted to head to Hoi An as soon as possible, especially as our visa time was running out and we still had a few more places to visit before we had to leave.

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