Monday, 28 May 2012


We hired a taxi for 140,000IR to drive us from Padang Padang to Sanur. This was the cheapest price we could find and there are no other means of transport which means taxi drivers can charge what they like.

We arrived in Sanur after a 1hr drive and asked to be dropped off somewhere with cheap accommodation. There was only one street with about five guesthouses that offered cheaper rooms. I found one place for 125,000IR (breakfast not included) but they were fully booked. Many of the other guesthouses charged 150,000IR plus, but I then found one called ‘Coco Home Stay’ where we paid 140,000IR for a fan room with breakfast.
The room price was right at the top of our budget limit and I would have preferred to stay somewhere cheaper but after asking around this appeared to be the cheapest that we would find in Sanur. Breakfast consisted of a small omelette with toast and a few pieces of fruit. I don’t feel that the tiny room was worth paying 140,000IR per night.

We checked out Sanur Beach which was a short walk from where we stayed. The beach was pretty average, nothing special, and quite touristy. We had some lunch in the town (the beachside restaurants were too pricey) and walked to a different part of the beach that was near to the only large high rise hotel built in Sanur. This part of the beach was jam packed with locals due to a holiday so we never did find the quiet spot that we were after.

 The high rise hotel in the background

There is not a lot to do here during the evenings and after some dinner we spent a most of the evenings in our room.

For dinner we ate at a small place in the town that served cheap local dishes. I never did find out the name but it was opposite a bar called ‘Jimmys’ and well worth visiting.

Two days here was more than enough, so we booked the slow boat 60,000IR each to Nusa Lembongan. We had to leave at 8am but there is a later boat at 10:30am although the price is higher at 80,000IR.

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