Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Gili Meno


There are no ATMs here so make sure you bring enough cash with you.
After Gili Trewangan I had low expectations of Gili Meno but thankfully my spirits were lifted as soon as I set foot on the island. It has a completely different vibe compared to Gili Trewangan. It is far less developed and I didn’t feel like the people tried to rip me off.

I went in search of somewhere to stay and ventured into the village area as I knew it would be cheaper here then on the beach front. Along the way I met a lovely local who showed me one of his bungalows at a place called ‘Smile Meno Cottages’.
We approached this beautifully built little bungalow hut with a little balcony area that overlooked the garden. Inside, the fan room was spotlessly clean and large, with a partially open air bathroom attached.

The owner wanted 150,000IR per night, including breakfast, but I bartered this down to 100,000IR on the condition that we stayed for more than one night.
Our only criticism was that the room was far too hot, even during the night and we would both be sweaty from just lying down on the bed which made it slightly uncomfortable when trying to get to sleep.

Our hut

For the rest of the day we ended up walking around the whole island, stopping off at deserted beaches along the way and swimming in the sea to cool down.

The beaches on Gili Meno are breathtaking, with crystal clear water and not even slightly over crowded or over developed. There are also only a couple of places that have those unsightly sun loungers, making it much more of an authentic beach.

Make sure you walk around the whole island, it’s the only way you will see everything.

Gili Meno has no night life and so your evenings will be very peaceful, relaxed and quiet.

The second, third and fourth day we spent walking to and from our favourite spots on the island, eating lunch at the lone shack cafes, swimming, snorkeling and reading on the beach.

At one point we cut across the island and had a nice walk through some of the more hidden villages where a few of the locals live, all were very friendly and would wave at us as we passed.

My opinion of Gili Meno is an underrated hidden paradise, let’s just hope it stays that way.

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