Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Journey from Ubud to Amed

One of the surprising factors about Bali is the lack of public transport. This makes travelling around quite expensive, as you either have to pay for a taxi or shuttle busses and these are not as cheap compared with public buses/trains in other countries we had visited.
We checked out a few tour operators and were quoted 185,000IR each for a bus and 370,000IR for the both of us in a taxi. Thinking we could get a better deal elsewhere, we asked a few of the taxi drivers on the street and bartered one down to 300,000IR.

We were picked up at 11am from our home stay and arrived in Amed at 1:30pm.


  1. Thanks for your posts, very useful when I am planning my trip to Bali this November. And the photos are great as well.

    Good day


  2. Thanks Nina, glad you find the posts helpful :)


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