Thursday, 12 April 2012

Padang Padang & Bingin

We paid 70,000IR for a 45 minute taxi ride from Kuta to Padang Padang. It took us roughly 10 minutes, asking 10 different taxi drivers before we were negotiated this price. Many were quoting 150,000IR, so do barter hard and look elsewhere until you find a find a reasonable price.
After looking around at some rooms and comparing prices we decided to stay at ‘Guna Mandala Inn’. We were first of all quoted 150,00IR but managed to barter the price to 100,000IR for a basic double room with a fan and private bathroom. There was wifi here but it was terrible and would cut out every 2 minutes!

Our room and bathroom
Compared to all the other rooms we looked at this place was the best and cheapest. Motorbike hire here was 40,000IR per day and cheaper if you hired for a longer period. 

For breathtaking views from the comfort of your own bed, head towards some of the cliffside accommodation, located down a path right next to Padang Padang Inn Restaurant. For 100,000IR – 120,000IR per night you get a basic hut with a fan and a shared bathroom. I wanted to move here as the views were phenomenal but Ian wasn’t happy with the shared bathroom idea so we ended up staying put.

The views just above the cliff side accommodation at Padang Padang

Padang Padang Beach was our first stop and conveniently just a 20 second walk from where we were staying. It only has a small stretch of golden sand with a couple of warungs and although it was often a little crowded we still enjoyed our time there.

Padang Padang Beach

Another beach we visited was called ‘Dreamland’. It was roughly a 5-10 minute bike ride away from Padang Padang. The route we took was fine up until the last few metres where it was very muddy and rocky but you can get through it if you’re careful.

The beach below was small with a large, unsightly hotel behind it that was undergoing a renovation. There were a few other tourists around but it wasn’t overly crowded.

Dreamland Beach

We also found a lovely little beach called ‘Bingin’. This was located between Padang Padang and Dreamland Beach. There are a few warungs built into the cliffs, some appeared to have closed down but the almost deserted beach, crashing waves and magnificent views, made Bingin our favourite beach.

Spot the Cornish flag

Photos shot at Bingin Beach

Food wise we mostly ate at Padang Padang Inn Restaurant. This was the cheapest restaurant we could find and only 30 seconds away from where we were staying.

Our time in and around Padang Padang was so good we ended up staying here three times during our trip. I loved how it reminded me of home, with its laid back beaches, the stunning cliffs and of course the surf.

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