Saturday, 12 May 2012


Uluwatu is only a 5 minute bike journey from Padang Padang. We often came here to check the surf which unfortunately was never very good but that didn't stop Ian. During peak season the surf is pumping and the sea is often packed with surfers waiting for that perfect wave. There is a small beach below the cliffs, called ‘Suluban' although the beach is only accessible during low tide.

For beautiful sunsets and a chilled out atmosphere this is the place to be

There are many places to eat here, some being more expensive than others and there is also a small spot on the cliff where you can hire deck chairs for the day, see below.

You can stay at Uluwatu but much of the accommodation here is top end and quite expensive. The cheaper places are dotted along the roads between Padang Padang and Uluwatu. Ian enquired at board hire prices here but was being quoted between 300,000 – 500,000IR just for 1 day use, which is extortionate! He eventually found somewhere cheaper at a place called Jockeys in Padang Padang for 150,000IR for 2 days. 

*I just have to clarify that Ian doesn't ever surf in budgie smugglers but he didn't have any boardies, so funny!

During one afternoon we visited the Pura Luhur Temple. We were charged 3,000IR to park and 20,000IR for entry. You will be given a shawl to wear to cover your legs if you’re not wearing long trousers; almost every tourist there had to wear one, including myself. 

Before reaching the temple there is a lovely walk along the coast path, where we encountered mischievous monkeys that pinch everything and anything from you, so do be careful. 

The temple was a little disappointing, but only because we had recently been spoilt by the incredible Angkor Wat and so our temple expectations were high. I would still recommend visiting here if not for the view alone.

The temple

The weather turned stormy and we were blessed with moody skies

Safety First! Ian thinks i look hilarious in the bike helmets we have to wear

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